A little taste for you (hat tip to @nonesokyle for the audiooos)

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Big things in the works

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Non-slip pad, canvas thread and acrylic on panel

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Richard Tuttle | Louisiana Channel ›

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Bouquet de arte recap #deyoung

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Little guys

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And now for something completely different

1 month ago on 03/15/14 at 01:50pm

I want to be a starving artist…so I need to ring up more debt.

Jane Lane
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Tonight’s painterins (both cropped)

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Priced Out: New Tech Wealth and San Francisco's Receding Art Scene ›

"The city is now showing the symptoms of edging out culture after so many spaces have closed. How will artists, or students, or philosophers, or anyone who doesn’t participate in the technology economy ever afford to live here?" asks Arcega. "What will San Francisco be like in ten years, if we continue on this trajectory?"

1 month ago on 03/08/14 at 07:37am